Franchise Council of Australia



Deputy is an Australian cloud-based workforce management solution, that specialises in:

  • Rostering – Use Auto-Scheduling to create accurate, costed rosters with a single click in minutes. Inbuilt leave management, training and qualification tracking, and the ability to quickly replace staff when someone calls in sick mean you’ll always have the right people working at the right time.
  • Time & Attendance – Accurately track staff hours across every location using any device. For extra peace of mind Deputy’s on-site iPad Kiosk provides biometric and geolocation validation.
  • Employee Engagement – Intuitive, mobile-first tools that employees love, ensuring high engagement, scalability, and low change management costs.
  • Compliance – Staying on top of complex and ever-changing workplace awards is challenging for any business. With our inbuilt library of custom Awards, Deputy does the heavy lifting when it comes to Fair Work compliance. Our library is frequently updated to reflect the ongoing changes made by Fair Work, so you’ll always be covered.

Deputy is proud to already be working with Australian franchises like San Churro and Chatime, offering them the digital tools to help them thrive.

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