Managing Franchisee Underperformance

Strategies and tactics to improve franchisee performance and profitability.

Half-day workshop (8.30am-12.30pm or 9am-1pm depending on location)

Earn education credits if enrolled in the Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) program.

Underperforming franchisees can damage the brand, drain support resources, and erode the value of their own business.

Identifying the symptoms and causes of underperformance at the earliest possible opportunity, and applying the correct intervention strategies and tactics, can preserve and grow a franchisee's equity, as well as reduce risks to the franchisor and the rest of the network.

This workshop will identify key types of underperformance, and how to overcome them. It will also explore:

  • The relationship between recruitment, training, support and performance;
  • Creating and monitoring compliance standards;
  • Individual franchisee and group reporting requirements;
  • The potential for conflict (and its consequences) when franchisees struggle to achieve profitability;
  • What changes to the business model can improve franchisee performance;
  • How does franchisee performance affect network growth and development?

This course is supplied by the Franchise Advisory Centre.

Workshop Outline

Identifying types of underperformance

  • Compliance underperformance
  • Engagement underperformance
  • Financial underperformance
Consequences of underperformance
  • Franchisee failure and requital
  • Perception among existing franchisees
  • Supplier and landlord issues
  • Ongoing recruitment challenges
Causes of underperformance
  • Recruitment and induction issues
  • Operational and support issues
  • Non-franchise issues
Benchmarking Performance
  • What benchmarks should be monitored?
  • Identifying positive and negative trends
  • Monitoring accountabilities
Performance Enhancement/Intervention
  • Process model for managing underperformance
  • Developing accountability systems for support personnel
  • Maximising the franchisee's investment and building brand value

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding common types of underperformance;
  • How to identify causes of franchisee underperformance;
  • Intervention strategies & tactics to improve performance;
  • Strategies for lifting franchisee performance & profitability;
  • Understand limitations on franchisee growth;
  • Identify new targets and benchmarks for the network;
  • Create a vision for future direction.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is suitable for all franchised and licensed networks, franchise advisors and suppliers. Personnel who will derive specific benefit by attending include:

  • Senior executives of franchise networks;
  • Franchise recruitment personnel;
  • Master franchisees;
  • Field Support personnel and Business Development managers.

2017 Scheduled Dates and Registration

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Brisbane 8 February 9 August
Sydney 14 February 18 August
Melbourne 17 February 16 August
Adelaide 12 July -
Perth 10 May -
Auckland 4 May  


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