Franchisee Success Club -Nomination Guidelines

Acceptance into the Franchisee Success Club is exclusive to franchisees of a current FCA member.

To help ensure there is fairness, continuity and integrity to the process, a set of guidelines have been developed to provide guidance to franchisors and franchisees and assist the FCA in the assessment of franchisees suitability as an entrant to the Franchisee Success Club.

The FCA understands that success can come in many forms and would like to ensure that involvement is available to all who deserve to be acknowledged. The information outlined below sets out some examples of criteria that may be used to consider nominations to the Franchisee Success Club. However, acceptance to the Franchisee Success Club is not limited to these alone and is at the discretion of the FCA.
The FCA encourages franchisors to be consistent with their approach when putting forward franchisees for the Franchisee Success Club.

Examples of Franchisee Success Club

nomination criteria:

Outstanding financial performance:

• $1 million+ revenue per annum, or revenue well above average for the franchise system
• Outstanding revenue improvement
• Outstanding profitability improvement

Outstanding business performance or achievements:

• Operational excellence
• Multi unit success

Outstanding business or franchising community citizenship:

• Active involvement and positive contribution to fellow franchisees and the franchise system
• Commitment to the brand and its values
• Commitment to new franchisor initiatives

Community contribution:

• Achievements in, and contributions to, local business and community
• Leaders in community engagement and contribution
• Display of excellence in promoting corporate social responsibility

Marketing and customer contact

• Success in local marketing initiatives
• Excellence in customer service and satisfaction

Personal success

Triumph over adversity (personal/ professional).

Mark Maumill and Jason Love, the FCA 2008 National Franchisee of the Year and 2009 National Multi Unit Franchisees of the Year, know what it tak...

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