Franchise Council of Australia

NFC23 Day Two Program

PROGRAM – Tuesday 16 May

7:00am – 8:30am AEST


7:00am – 8:15am AEST


8.30am – 10.25am AEST


8.30am – 8.40am AEST

Welcome and Day Two Opening

Andrew Klein, NFC23 MC


8:40am – 9.40am AEST

Opening Keynote

Pauline Nguyen, best-selling author and award-winning businesswoman

Nguyen Pauline 1 2023

9:40am – 10.25am AEST

Legal and strategic pressure points

An expert panel of lawyers and franchise executives will discuss a range of current and emerging challenges for franchise systems, with a focus on how legal developments which are influencing business strategy. This Plenary will cover forthcoming regulatory changes (including the Unfair Contract Terms reforms), the heightened importance of privacy and cyber security risk, the current litigation environment, and international trends in franchising and regulation more broadly.

Stephen Giles, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright Australia

Nick Rimington, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright Australia

Richard Goodman, CEO at Foodco


10.25am – 11.00am AEST


11:00am – 11.55am AEST


Innovating through adversity

Join us for an inspiring discussion on how to turn setbacks into opportunities for growth and success. The COVID-19 pandemic tested the resilience of franchise businesses, forcing them to rethink their operations and adapt to new challenges. Our panellists will discuss strategies for successfully navigating crises, adjusting priorities, and bouncing back stronger. This panel offers a chance to hear directly from franchise professionals and academic experts on how to transform and innovate your way through adversity.


FACILITATOR: Lawrence Pelletier , Sales & Marketing Director, Redcat


Henri Burgers, Head of Strategy and Entrepreneurship Department , University of Queensland

Geoff McDonnell, Owner and Senior Consultant, Business Essentials

Ben Fletcher, CEO & Founder, Listen To Your Body

Unlocking Franchise Growth in Regional Australia

Expanding into new regions is a key growth opportunity for franchise systems. Our expert panellists will cover a range of topics, from assessing why the current regional landscape is primed for growth and development, navigating the impact of inflation, logistics and regulatory challenges and growth strategies for entry into regional expansion. Join us for a dynamic and informative discussion hosted by Eden Exchange on how to take your franchise business to the next level in regional areas.


FACILITATOR: Dhanush Ganglani, Managing Director, Eden Exchange


Fraser Brown, Associate Director, Gapmaps

Scott Bush, CEO, Cheesecake Shop

Tony Cotter, Industry Risk Lead, ANZ Commercial Banking

Marketing your franchise into the future

Effectively marketing your franchise is more important than ever. This panel will delve into the latest trends in digital marketing, social media, and other emerging marketing techniques which will be critical to future growth. Panellists will also offer practical advice on how to develop effective marketing strategies, including the importance of building a strong brand identity and creating engaging content that resonates with customers.


FACILITATOR: Kelli Ponting, Owner, The Marketing Lab


Rebecca Barnes, Head of Marketing, Cheesecake Shop

Rowena Kanna, Head of Marketing, Chatime

It’s the end, but does it have to be difficult? (Legal)

Managing the end of term issues that arise is crucial to the stability and ongoing success of a network.  Whether it’s a decision to enforce a restraint, not to offer a further term or to exercise a termination right, careful consideration is needed to manage the obligations and the rights of the parties.  In this session the panel will work through key considerations for drafting and enforcing end of term provisions and managing the rights and obligations of the parties at the end of term, including obligations of good faith and, where applicable, rights relating to good will.



Bronwyn Furse, Partner, Thomson Geer

Allison McLeod, Partner, HWL Ebsworth

12:00pm – 12.45pm AEST


The rediscovery of relationship and referral marketing

Marketing approaches and techniques have undergone rapid change in recent years. While global events pushed many businesses online, that space is now increasingly congested. Franchisees seeking sales growth need to stand out. This panel will outline what steps franchise systems can take to help their franchisees maximise relationship and referral marketing, in order to boost brand reputation, increase customer loyalty, and ultimately drive positive commercial outcomes.


FACILITATOR: Tracey Leak, Supporting Franchisees


Bev Taylor, Franchisee, InXpress

Brendan Green, CEO, Hire A Hubby

Pia Engstrom, Managing Director, HR Department

Frederick Marcoux, National Director, BNI

Financial literacy – why there’s a crisis and how employers can help

Rest has conducted research on the financial literacy gaps, particularly, in the current environment with cost-of-living pressures based on rising inflationary numbers and interest rates. This session we will unpack some of that research and in particular the important role an Employer can take to improve financial literacy, which has the flow on effect of greater employee productivity, satisfaction, motivation, and sense of loyalty.


Jessica Empson, National Business Solutions Manager,  REST Super

Tim Jensen, Head of Operations , Chatime

How to keep mature franchisees fresh and growing

Underpinning the franchise model is a series of long-term interdependent business relationships. The average tenure of a franchisee is roughly 6 years – while the average tenure of franchisor staff is 3 and a half years. As a result of this, longer tenured franchisees can sometimes be wary of new initiatives from their franchisor. However, embracing shifting market trends and innovative processes is crucial to avoid commercial stagnation and achieve sustained growth. This expert panel will explore strategies to successfully navigate this business tension.


FACILITATOR: Greg Nathan, Founder, Franchise Relationships Institute


Michael Ermer, General Manager, Boost Juice

Chris Caldwell, CEO, Lift Brands

Iain Bylsma, Chief Development Officer, Pizza Hut

Effective change management in your franchise network (Legal)

The implementation of network reform can be difficult, particularly when it involves capital investment by franchisees, the merging of different franchise networks, the introduction of new technology or changes to the franchisor’s traditional business model. In this session, we will discuss:

  • the challenges that franchisors face when implementing substantial changes to franchise networks;
  • how to minimise the risk of franchisee unrest following the changes;
    best practice change management (from a legal perspective); and
  • how to adapt your franchise agreement to provide maximum flexibility for changes that may arise in the future.


FACILITATOR: Maija Kerry, Norton Rose


Kirsty Silbert, General Counsel, Collective Wellness Group

Marshall Bromwich, Partner, Norton Rose

12:45pm – 1.45pm AEST


1.45pm – 2.30pm AEST


The Future of AI in Business

Discover the latest advancements in AI and understand it’s potential impact on franchising. Our panel will outline how AI could help streamline operations, enhance customer experience, and improve efficiency. Join us to explore this cutting-edge technology and understand the implications for your business.




Josh Cairns, CEO, Op Central

Kate Jolly, National Learning and Development Manager, Baskin Robbins

Timothy Court, Head of Technology, Schnitz

Who is your future franchisee?

As the largest generation in the workforce today, millennials are poised to shape the future of our industry as they become franchisees and drive the growth of many established brands. This panel aims to delve into the characteristics and expectations of millennials as potential franchisees, how they differ from previous generations, what they look for in a franchise opportunity, and what franchisors can to do attract and retain this key demographic.


FACILITATOR: George Zdanowicz, CEO, Enhance Research / President, Association of Data and Insights Australia


Justin McDonell, Chairman and Co-Founder, Collective Wellness Group

Trudy Chaffer, Performance & Development Manager, JAX Auto

Charlie Hachem, Founder, Piccolo Me

How franchising can demonstrate leadership in balancing profit with purpose

Explore the critical role of corporate social responsibility in today’s business landscape. Discover innovative ways franchise systems can demonstrate leadership in sustainability, ethical business practices, and community impact. Learn from case studies and the latest research on how franchise businesses can balance profitability with purpose and make a positive difference in the world. This thought-provoking panel is a must-attend for franchise professionals interested in the intersection of CSR and the franchise industry.


FACILITATOR: Bruce McFarlane, CEO , BDC Partners


Anthea Dimitrakopoulos, General Manager Brand & ESG, Quest

Kate Lawson, Digital Solutions Manager, Cowell Clarke

Daniel Ibbotson, Brisbane Area Manager, Baker’s Delight

Iain Clark, Head of Risk & Compliance, Endota Spa

To have or not to have a marketing fund or other cooperative fund? (Legal)

Join our panel of legal experts as they outline the history of marketing and other cooperative funds, the current obligations on franchisors who have such funds, the consequences of contraventions, the advantages & disadvantages of funds and what franchisors need to consider when abolishing a fund.



Philip Colman, Principal, MST Lawyers

Derek Sutherland, Partner, HWL Ebsworth

2.35pm – 3.20pm AEST


Reviewing your attraction, recruitment and onboarding strategy in 2023

Ensuring that the right candidates are hired and successfully onboarded is of critical importance to franchise systems. This expert panel will explore how often a recruitment strategy needs to be reviewed, what the essential fundamentals of a recruitment strategy are and what metrics should be used to measure the success of a strategy.


FACILITATOR: Andy Lester, General Manager, Expr3ss!


Hannah Dunlop, Head of People and Culture, CouriersPlease

Scott Hillard, Chief Commercial Officer, Kip McGrath

George Hawwa, Founder, Attention Experts

Embedding inclusion and diversity into your franchise

Panellists will explore best practices for creating a culture of inclusivity and equity – including how to attract and retain diverse talent, build diverse partnerships, and engage with diverse communities. The panel will also delve into the benefits of embracing diversity, such as increased innovation, customer loyalty, and market share. Attendees will leave with a deeper understanding of how to make their franchise business more inclusive and diverse.


FACILITATOR: Joanne Brooks, Chief Connector, Navig8 Biz


Jodi Cottle, Franchisee , Laser Clinics Australia

Ben Flintoff, Director of Operations Services, Gong cha

Michelle Williams, Chief People Officer, The Lott

Podcast – Legislative and regulatory update from the FCA

Join us for the first recording of the FCA’s new podcast series! Panellists will outline a number of Australian legislative and regulatory developments over the past year, and their impact on business performance, costs, and compliance. Hear valuable insights which will help your business navigate the changing regulatory landscape and stay ahead of the curve.




Brendan Green, Chairman, FCA

Steve Champion, Director, ER Strategies

Case Update (Legal)

The Case Update will cover determinations made by the Courts within the past 12 months relevant to the franchising sector.


FACILITATOR: Alicia Hill, Principal, MST Lawyers


Ryan Solomons, Partner, MinterEllison

Melissa Hanbridge, Partner, HWL Ebsworth

3.20pm – 3.50pm AEST


3.55pm – 5:00pm AEST


3.55pm – 4:55pm AEST

Closing Keynote

Amna Karra-Hassan

Karra-Hassan Amna 1 2022 (2)

3.50pm – 5.00pm AEST

Closing remarks

Andrew Klein, NFC23 MC


5.00pm AEST


6:30pm – 10:00pm AEST


Please note program is subject to change.


A maximum of 450 CFE education points toward the Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) qualification are awarded for participation in NFC23.