Franchise Council of Australia

Franchising and Small Business Summit Program

PROGRAM – Monday 17 October

8.30am – 10:25am AEDT


8.30am – 8.40am AEST

Welcome and Opening

Andrew Klein, MC


8.35am – 8:45am AEDT

CEO’s Address

Mary Aldred, CEO, Franchise Council of Australia

Mary Aldred FCA

8.45am – 9.45am AEDT

The Future, Innovation & Leading Change

Celebrated author, adventurer, gold medal Olympian and popular TV chef; Jason Clarke is none of these things.

He is, however, one of the most sought-after creative minds in the country, but he thinks of himself a Plumber of the Mind, the guy you go to when your head gets clogged.

In this keynote presentation Jason will explore…..


Work with enough inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs and you start to notice a few recurring themes: behaviours and attitudes they all have in common.


Prior to 2020 you had one, proven version of your business; let’s call it Classic.
Since then you’ve had to reinvent yourself into a whole new form; call it Pandemic.
Can we have the best of both worlds… and maybe find a third, even better way?
You bet. It’s called the EPIC version of your business and now’s the time to find it.


Is change something we’re supposed to respond to… or something we should be leading? Maybe it’s time we take a fresh look at leadership and how it differs from management. Is it an enduring position of power or a fleeting moment of influence? Does it have to be lonely at the top or can leadership be a team sport?’

Opening Keynote – Jason Clarke

Clarke Jason 3 2022

9.45am – 10.25am AEDT

Top five issues for franchising and small business

More than two years of coronavirus impacts have created some legacy issues which businesses need to confront to move forward. It is possible to thrive in the current environment but awareness of the challenges and being prepared to deal with them is critical. Both business and government have roles to play.

FCA CEO Mary Aldred presentation and discussion panel

Mary Aldred, CEO, Franchise Council of Australia

Carlos Antonius, CEO Chatime

Vu Tran, Chief Evangelist, Go1

Phillip Chapman, Director, Lease1

Mary 350x350

10.25am – 10.55am AEDT


11.00am – 11.40am AEDT


Tackling the real issues in franchise recruitment and how to overcome them with actionable insights

How has global factors impacted franchise recruitment? In this panel discussion we will cover the current issues and trends franchisees are facing in recruitment. Our expert panellists will discuss what an effective recruitment strategy looks like and the processes involved to achieve strategic growth goals in the current climate.


Facilitator: Andrew Klein

Panellist: Regan Corbett, Group Franchise Establishment Manager, Quest Apartment Hotels

Panellist: Brooke Daubney, Franchise Performance Manager, KX Pilates

Panellist: Kellie Cranch, Chief Franchise Development, Poolwerx

Panellist: Damien Boehm, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Urban Clean

How to Nail Collaborations for Your Business

 When complementary businesses team up for a clever marketing campaign, they’re doubling their marketing reach, authentically engaging their audiences and, on average, increasing revenue by 17%!  Brand collaborations are a marketing strategy up to 25x less expensive than digital advertising, & present a major opportunity as advertising costs rise, organic social media reach declines & media outlets becoming increasingly difficult to land.

Brand collaborations are happening all around us, across social media, content, products and events. 7Eleven got collaborative with Adore Beauty, Travis Scott hatched a merchandising partnership with McDonalds, Donut King & Playstation have teamed up for a deliciously fun collaboration & Just Cuts have a number of collaborations brewing on Collabosaurus as we speak! Everyone’s collaborating, so how can you do it, too? In this session, founder of Collabosaurus, Jessica Ruhfus will show you how to use collaboration marketing for your brands’ growth, & how to unlock 17% more revenue with partnerships


Speaker: Jess Ruhfus, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Collabosaurus

Workplace Wellness and Shaping the Future

With all the turbulent ups and downs of the last couple of years, this brought to the forefront the concepts of wellbeing and wellness, and in particular ‘Workplace Wellness’. As a result of the pandemic, confidence plummeted and anxiety and stress levels rose for many, but on the other hand we discovered things that we never knew about ourselves – better relationships, the need for stronger connections, and more of a work and life balance. In 2022 and beyond, the question still remains on what does the new normal look like? Have we learnt to better manage anxiety and stress, and have a better work and life balance? Come to this session to hear tips on releasing anxiety, and learn how franchisors are incorporating Workplace Wellness into their organisations to help shape the future as part of the ‘new normal’.


Facilitator: Vanessa Wilmot, Director Operations ,Geotech

Panellist: Sharon Jurd, SMJ Coaching Institute and Director, HydroKlean

Panellist: Kelly Micallef, Chief of People, Performance and Culture Officer, Poolwerx

Panellist: Aroha Leigh, Product and Projects Manager, Lift Brands

11.45am – 12:25pm AEDT


Who gets franchisee funding in 2022?

In this panel discussion some of the most active franchise lenders will discuss: What’s changed in providing finance to franchising?

  • Who is most likely to get funded?
  • Where are the challenges in funding?
  • How do you set up your franchise system to be attractive to lenders in today’s climate?


Facilitator: Darryn McAuliffe, CEO, FRANdata

Panellist: Tony Cotter, Industry Risk Lead, ANZ

Panellist: Desi Kathestides, Business Banking Executive, NAB

Panellist: Simon Ovenden, Senior Manager, Commonwealth Bank

Panellist: James Scurr, Founder & Managing Director, CFI Finance

Attracting and retaining quality staff

Skills and labour shortages are a significant challenge for all businesses. This panel will address practical strategies for recruiting and retaining employees in this current market. What can you do differently? How can you stand out from the crowd? What are the drivers that potential employees are focused on? What strategies can your implement to support the career development of your employees while building their personal brand and connection to your business? Engage in a dynamic discussion with industry experts.


Facilitator: Andy Lester, General Manager, Expr3ss!

Panellist: Kate Ashman, Client Optimisation Manager, SEEK

Panellist: George Hawwa, Growth Director & Founder Attention Experts

Panellist: Stephanie Christopher, Managing Director, BLD|ACDMY

New opportunities in marketing

The marketing landscape is always evolving, with new platforms becoming available every year, and at times fundamental changes to existing channels that require a new approach. In this session we will explore some of the opportunities that could work for franchise brands, as well as the unique considerations that need to be factored when marketing responsibility is shared by both franchisors and franchisees. On the panel is Kelli Ponting, owner of The Marketing Lab, Nicola Voiter CMO of Poolwerx and Natasha Guiulfo National Marketing Manager at Baskin Robbins.


Facilitator:  Kelli Ponting, Managing Director, The Marketing Lab

Panellist: Nicola Voiter, Chief Marketing Officer, Poolwerx

Panellist: Natasha Guiulfo, National Marketing Manager, Baskin Robbins

12.25pm – 1.25pm AEST


1:30pm – 2.10pm AEDT


Building the workforce of the future” – Accelerating the upskilling journey and building a learning culture

This panel discussion will explore:

  • Developing people assets in your workforce
  • How do we instil a learning culture that fosters proactive development and upskilling?
  • Prioritising people-centred outcomes
  • Identifying and bridging current and future capability gaps
  • How can we effectively support mental health and wellbeing as part of our people strategy?
  • How we keep up with the pace of change? How can we reskill and upskill at scale?
  • How can we support our leaders to thrive in the new normal?


Facilitator: Melanie Burnicle, Host, Learning without Limits, Learning Lounge

Panellist: Dennis Koorey, Chief Revenue Officer, Rolld Australia

Panellist: Amalia Chilianis, General Manger – Culture, The Lottery Corporation

Panellist: Peter Hull, Founder & Managing Director, Fitstop

Panellist: Hannah Dunlop, Head of People and Culture, Couriers Please

How do you grow a franchise while saving the world

When we talk about business strategy, we often discussion the vision, the mission and the purpose. Why are we in business? What positive change to do we want to make in the world? Is it possible to make a significant positive impact on the world while also growing a franchise? With a changing world there are some strong arguments for why each business needs to have a strong social responsibility framework embedded in everything they do. Consider the future franchisees and their employees – what is important to them and what ground are they making business decisions on? Consider the future of consumerism – how are customers making buying decisions? Hear from a few franchisors about how and why they have built a business with a large focus on making a positive different to the world


Facilitator: Anastasia Lloyd-Wallis, Head of Insights, Retail Doctor

Panellist: Nathalie Hesse, General Manager, ANZ Mobile Lending

Panellist: Cathy Rennie Matos, Head of Public Relations, Specsavers

How do you add value to your franchise network in this current financial climate

 In the current climate, adding value to your franchise network through innovative solutions is critical. Whether this is through adding additional income streams, exploring opportunities for cost reductions or improving use of technology to improve operational efficiency. In this session panellists will share practical strategies that focus on adding value to your franchise network.


Facilitator: Lawrence Pelletier, Sales & Marketing Director, Redcat

Panellist: Kevin Seward, Managing Principal Consultant, Expense Reduction Analysts

Panellist: Grant Lee, Chief Executive Officer, Concept Eight

Panellist: Andrew Bellchambers, Director, Shingle Inn

Panellist: Susana Hands, Franchise Development Manager, United Franchise Group

2.15pm – 2:55pm AEDT


Strengthening the Health of Your Franchise System – Case Study

In this session Geoff McDonnell will lead a panel discussion on the health of a franchise system, how to test its health, how to move it to full health and how to ensure it remains healthy. There are six key areas identified as areas to focus on when assessing the health of a system. This panel session will look at each one and the panel will share various views on how to build healthy habits into your system, how to decide on which system suits you as a franchisee and how to decide on which system will suit you as a support team member.


Facilitator: Geoff McDonnell, Owner & Senior Consultant, Business Essentials

Panellist: Daren Wallison, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, The 99 People

Panellist: Victoria Paltridge, Director, REDLBP

How are Franchisors innovating and using technology to drive performance in their systems?

“As a result of COVID-19 and lockdowns, franchise systems have become more robust, agile and innovative than ever before. In many cases, they are stronger and ready to handle anything the pandemic or changing economy can throw at them.

Brands have had to be flexible and innovative in how they manage their people, how they engage with their customers, how they sell their products and services, and how they partner with their franchisees, and even their business model or system.

Join our industry experts for an interactive workshop on best practice industry tips on innovation and technology adoption to future proof your business.


Facilitator: Bruce McFarlane, Chief Executive Officer, BDC Partners

Panellist: Josh Cairns, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Op Central

Panellist: Toni Newell, Chief Executive Officer, Gapmaps

Panellist: Inbal Steinberg, Head of Technology and Innovation, Bluerock

Panellist: David Lindsay, Chief Executive Officer, HATTCH

Podcasting: Engaging your Franchisees in conversation

This session will explore how (and why) podcasting is a powerful medium that Franchise businesses can utilise to boost brand awareness, target sections for the market and open up the channels of communication between Franchise owners and Franchisees. A live podcast will be recorded in the session, where InXpress CEO Marcel Lal and InXpress Franchisee will be interviewed.


Facilitator: Luke Buesnel, Founder, Story League

Panellist: Marcel Lal, Chief Executive Officer Asia Pacific, InXpress

Panellist: Doug Lawson, Franchisee, InXpress

Panellist: Wendy Hand, Franchisee, InXpress

2:55pm – 3.25pm AEDT


3.30pm – 4.30pm AEDT


3.30pm – 4.20pm AEDT

Where will value be in your business in the future?

The landscape is changing quickly , and with it the very nature of retail itself,

Concepts such as the way consumers research and shop, mixed realities, automation,

Online retail itself, marketplaces and the Metaverse are and will directly influence the way consumers will locate, source, advocate and frequent your branded experience.

And in turn, Businesses will grow share differently ,invest in their growth models and differentiate their  brand across an ecosystem to maximise shareholder returns,

How will this influence and transform the classic business valuation model. What will the new market assessment be?

Join Brian Walker , CEO of the award winning Retail Doctor Group ,(Consultancy and Advisory service )  Author , Top 50 Global retail influencers and professional speaker  as he takes us into the future of retail to prepare to drive the future value of our business.

Closing Keynote – Brian Walker , Chief Executive Officer, Retail Doctor Group


4.20pm – 4.30pm AEDT

Closing remarks

Andrew Klein,  MC


Please note program is subject to change.


A maximum of 225 CFE education points toward the Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) qualification are awarded for participation in Australian Franchising and Small Business Summit.