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VIC: The Cost of Conflict - Mediation & Dispute Prevention

Unresolved disputes cost Australian businesses more than $12 Billion per year in lost productivity.  The impact of Franchising disputes can have devastating effects on business performance and productivity.

Whenever there is a need for decision making & negotiation in business, there is potential for dispute.  If not handled appropriately and effectively, Franchising disputes can damage the Franchisor, the Franchisee and the Franchise Business by way of:

  • irreparable damage to the business relationship;
  • loss of trust;
  • lost performance & productivity;
  • damage to reputation;
  • financial & personal loss

Dispute Management Australia's Executive Education training program has been designed to introduce groundbreaking dispute resolution strategies & global insights into the Franchise business sector. This Workshop will provide executives, team leaders, Franchisors and Franchisees with effective tools to increase team co-operation, resolve differences using innovative ideas, maximise productivity and manage conflict effectively.

A comprehensive overview of the process of Mediation will be covered which will include:

  • The Franchisor/Franchisee's obligations & responsibilities in a franchising dispute;
  • Franchising Mediation, the process and purpose;
  • The requirements of the Franchising Code of Conduct, established under section 51AE of the Competition & Consumer Act 2010;
  • The Role of the Office of Franchising Mediation Advisor (OFMA);
  • The cost benefits of Mediation versus the costs of Litigation.

Training Objectives & Content

  • Increase performance, productivity & profit;
  • Master the art of how to deal with difficult people.

It can be extremely challenging to stand up to difficult people who may have an arsenal of weapons, including ridicule, bullying, insults, deception, and exaggeration.
Do you know the best methods to deal with these people?

  • Improve your negotiation effectiveness;
  • Develop & implement effective Dispute Prevention Strategies;
  • Understand the process of reaching mutually beneficial resolutions;
  • Learn the disadvantages of positional bargaining methods;
  • Utilise Franchisor/Franchisee Conflict Risk Assessments;
  • Improve organisational cooperation, motivation & morale;
  • Make the process fair, enhancing trust, reduce defensiveness;
  • Understand Decision Analysis & BATNA;

Pricing and Registration

Group Training Workshops (4 hour) - $295.00 per person + gst


Register now by contacting:

Tania Murdock
0407 510 548

Venue: Victoria
Starting: 9:00 AM
Wednesday 12th June 2019
Ending: 1:00 PM
Phone Enquiries: 0407 510 548

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