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WA: Understanding Franchisees

A roadmap to understanding every franchisee and individualising your approach for better relationships, more successful and profitable outcomes when working with franchisees.

Two-day workshop (9am-4pm each day)

Earn education credits if enrolled in the Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) program.

Each franchisee is a unique mix of personality, business skills and experience. They are all very different. Therefore, how you support, coach and engage each franchisee cannot be standardised.

To quickly determine where a franchisee will struggle and where they will be most successful; their best and worst activities and roles; and where they will need the most support is invaluable knowledge for people supporting them.

Keeping franchisees satisfied, performing and profitable, at the level they're at, is paramount, because unhappy and underperforming franchisees can damage your brand, drain support people, and even erode the value of their own franchise business.

This workshop will teach you to identify the 8 types of franchisees and the 9 levels on the Franchise Spectrum, which when applied will dissolve conflict and accelerate trust in relationships; provide a framework for coaching / mentoring franchisees; and enable your team to individualise how they engage with each franchisee, for faster action to profit.

This course is supplied by Remarkable Franchises

Course/Workshop Outline

Introduction to Franchise Dynamics

  • Franchisee talent and Business Spectrum, the framework for working individually with franchisees
  • How your personality impacts how you support franchisees
  • Why you find some franchisees more challenging to deal with than others
  • Why it's important to individualise your support for each franchise

The different types of Franchisees

  • The 4 personality frequencies
  • The 8 franchisee types
  • How your personality relates to each of the 8 types
  • How you can leverage these differences for better outcomes

How to support and work with each of the 8 types of franchisees

  • Unique characteristics of franchisee profiles and how to identify people that are each type
  • Strengths/challenges and successes/struggles of each franchisee type
  • Best and worst activities and roles of each franchisee type
  • What each franchisee type is most trusted for
  • How each franchisee type leads and communicates best
  • How each franchisee type can get into flow and the impact of them not being in flow
  • Who each franchisee type needs around them and why
  • How you can best support and work with each franchisee type

Leveraging franchisees in your network to free up capacity and accelerate satisfaction

  • How to take advantage of the diversity in franchisee types and skill in your network
  • Why collaboration and social learning opportunities enhance franchisee performance
  • How to leverage current trends to more effectively coach, mentor and support franchisees
  • Clear action plan to accelerate positive results tomorrow with the franchisees you support

Learning Objectives

  • Understand Franchise Dynamics, the talent and business framework for individualising how you support, coach and mentor each franchisee
  • Learn the 4 personality frequencies and the 8 franchisee profiles and how to determine which profile your franchisees are
  • Understand your Talent Dynamics profile and how can work best with each franchisee profile
  • For each franchisee profile type know-
    • The unique characteristics and how to identify them
    • Their strengths and challenges
    • Where they will have success, and where they will struggle
    • Their best and worst activities and roles
    • What they are most trusted for
    • How they lead and communicate best
    • The value they bring and how to leverage it
    • What they need
    • How to talk with them and how they will talk with others
    • The types of questions they usually ask
    • How you can best support and work with them
  • Understand how you and other franchise support staff can leverage the different types of franchisees in your network to unlock capacity and accelerate satisfaction, without more effort
  • An action plan to work differently with franchisees for better outcomes

Who Should Attend

This workshop is suitable for all franchised and licensed networks, franchise advisors and suppliers. People who will receive specific benefit by attending include:

  • Senior executives of franchise networks;
  • Franchise recruitment people;
  • Master franchisees;
  • Field Support people and Business Development managers.

Scheduled Dates and Registration

Perth: 10 October 11 October 2018, click here to register now
Melbourne: 17 October 18 October 2018, click here to register now

Venue: Western Australia
Starting: 9:00 AM
Wednesday 10th October 2018
Ending: 4:00 PM
Thursday 11th October 2018
Phone Enquiries: 08 6555 7780

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