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VIC: Learn how to explode Franchise sales and grow profits for little or nothing

Dear Franchisor,

If you're like most of your colleagues, you love the idea of being able to sell more franchises and grow the bottom lines of your franchisees without spending lots of money!

The way to do this is to attract FREE news coverage from media outlets that focus on POSITIVE NEWS. There's no other form of marketing that creates so much lead generation, reputation-building, and doesn't cost you anything. In fact, being featured in a news story has been valued at anything between 3 and 6 times more effective than an advertisement of the same size.

Let me explain

The news media need stories every day and franchisors and franchisees are in the perfect position to be the focus of these stories and author their own published articles. The key is that reporters don't have time to find the stories and articles they need. The vast majority of news these days comes from people approaching the media with it. Lots of smaller media outlets have just one person to produce all the content. That's tough and its why this is an untapped opportunity that can MASSIVELY GROW YOUR bottom line.

A little known fact franchises are in a better position?

As a Franchisor, you are an expert in your field and the media are crying out for that expertise to fill their publications and broadcasts. You just need to know how to target the right ones and get your expertise through to them. Remember, the media doesn't have to be The Age or Channel 9. There's lots of niche media that can be far more beneficial to be featured in anyway.

Franchisees are perfect contributors for local media in their patches. Reporters are desperate for local stories and need all the help they can get. There are so many ways franchisees can get into these local news pages. They also just need to know how the process works.

This seminar will uncover all The Secrets to Getting this FREE publicity. You'll be doing the media a favour, make more franchise sales and help your franchisees grow their bottom lines.

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Venue: Melbourne venue to be confirmed
Starting: 9:30 AM
Wednesday 25th July 2018
Ending: 12:00 PM
Phone Enquiries: +64 29 200 8555

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